Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 Week 6
Opening Song Captain Sensible: ‘Croydon’ and ‘Happy Talk’ Fakebit Polytechnic Shuva Das & band: ‘Croydon’ (A Cooper)
Mindfulness Series General Introduction
Tessa Watt
Scientific Research
Tamara Russell
Fitness and Exercise
Juliette Ruffer
Mark Leonard
Life Rules
Chris Pullen
Mindfulness in Schools Project
Jackie Watson/Sarah Hennelly
Break 1
Poem ‘Nervous Disposition’ ‘One Train May Hide Another’ ‘The Man in the Glass’ ‘Snow’
Community Series Croydon Food Bank
Fatima Koroma
Participation in Architecture and Planning
Daisy Froud
Croydon Urban Pioneers Cultural Competence
Risq Animasaun
East meets West: Healing Arts from the East and Amazonia
John Tindall
Match Mothers
Ros Barton
Break 2
Music Shuva Das and ‘Homebrood’ Fakebit Polytechnic Shuva Das with Jayesh Vadukul
Indian Classical
Lotte Mullan Gabriella and The Planets Shuva Das and Band
with Dylan Flahive-Gilbert


  1. Sounds great John, wish I could be there, Ruth

  2. Can’t wait, just what I need at the moment.

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