Croydon Heartworks event: 1 October 2013

We had a fantastic response to our first event, and are very excited about our next evening of mindfulness, community, fun and music at Matthews Yard, Croydon.

We’re lucky enough to have a talk from Dr Tamara Russell on some of the science behind mindfulness, and how it can improve wellbeing and mental health. Tamara has studied and written about mindfulness, its affects on the brain and how it can promote wellbeing and mental health. She’s also developed her own Mind-body MOT programme of physical exercise and mindfulness, and has delivered courses all over the world.

Daisy Froud will be here too. She works for the AOC, an architectural practice focusing especially on engaging with the communities who’ll be affected by and involved in building and redevelopment projects. She’ll be talking about ways to engage communities in the processes of planning and architecting towns.

…And we’ve got music from geek punk band Fakebit Polytechnic, who make their own crazy instruments from discarded video games machines, and other bits and piece from junk markets.

As before, entry’s free – please bring a food donation for Fatima Koroma’s wonderful Community Food Store based here in Croydon.

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